We will be treating you the way you would like yourselves to be treated. Or the way we would treat our dearest people.

After all we never would hurt our mothers, mistreat them or squeeze money out of them. The same applies to you. It is that simple. In addition to it we find that competency and fun do not exclude each other in a dental care center. We make you smile with your beautiful teeths and we make you laugh with our informal atmosphere.


Jan Tasler

Jan has been a dentist since 2000 and is big in the business. Since 2003 he has been the institution at Pfalzburger Straße. His detailed eye challenges both dental technicians and patients. Bite measurement and sports dentistry are Jan's forte. The all-round talent shows you his skills in a sensitive but impressive way. You will like him, just as we like him.

Mischa Ommid Steude

Mischa Ommid is a dentist and Master of Science in implantology. For four years he delighted the Danes in Copenhagen with his talents and charm, until he came to his senses and returned to Berlin to settle into his new home, DIE PRAXIS. Since then, patients can't get enough of him. And neither can we.

Jessica Wickert

Jessica is a dentist and specialist in root canal treatment. The exceptional combination of her thirst for knowledge, adventurous spirit and commitment to social issues has already taken her to England, Mali and Vietnam to study and practice dentistry. Now she helps us with her delicate fingers and attentive eyes to preserve your teeth. With her calm and gentle nature, she captivates her patients, as well as captivating us.

Jana O’mer

Jana is a dentist with a total commitment to physical fitness. As a former competitive athlete, she is used to always striving for the very best performance. However, having received further training in aesthetics and hypnosis, it is her diversity with which she inspires her patients every day. Being one of few dentists in Berlin, she has the ability to layer composite veneers directly in the mouth. This makes it possible to correct and enhance small imperfections perfectly and effortlessly without any grinding of the teeth. Perhaps, however, we have been hypnotized by her. We don't know, we are just very happy to have her with us.

René Toman

Rene applied spontaneously and unconventionally from afar. A few days later he was at the door and would not leave until we hired him. The man knows what he wants and is motivated right down to his core. We were impressed and inspired. He is constantly educating himself in the field of root canal treatment and makes patients' hearts beat faster with his genuine friendliness.

Dr. Susanne Wecker

Susanne is a very talented orthodontist. It is rare that we have experienced so much commitment and competence in one person. Her mission: Straightening teeth for adults, teenagers and children. Mostly with invisible braces and dental retainers. With exceptional knowledge, empathy and consistent therapy recommendations, her patients get what they want most: beautiful straight teeth with perfect function. The former ballet dancer has only worked at the best locations in Berlin: she learned everything about the bite with Prof. Bumann and was the location manager at Adentics. Now she tempts us to sing her praises and makes our practice perfect. Thank you, Susanne.

Sulmaz Mohammad

Sulmaz is a machine. A real (smile) creator. Not only is she known from TikTok with over 100,000 followers, but also for her commitment to the educational initiative "German Dream". At the same time, she is an outstanding dentist who improves her patients' smiles with her remarkable sense of aesthetics and makes them laugh with her light and easygoing manner. Patients come out of her treatment room beaming with smiles. Not only because they've just had veneers, but also because they had a great time. And we have a great time too.

Johanne Heicking

Can somebody please think about the children? Yes, us! Johanne is a truly incredible children's dentist. She takes great care of her little angels' tiny teeth with great sensitivity. Nothing is more important to parents than the well-being of their children, so it requires a dentist with a sound understanding of children's needs. This is something Hanne was born with, as her mother has been a paediatrician for over 30 years and is an important figure in Berlin. These perfect prerequisites and her empathic nature make Hanne an exceptional dentist. Besides, her heart beats for periodontology. And our heart beats for her.

Dr. Rahima Arsalan

Dr. Rahima Arsalan is a specialist in orthodontics and an exceptional individual. Professionally, she is a perfectionist and gets crooked teeth just right. Due to her witty and cheery manner, the patients not only like to go to her, they love to straighten their teeth. Fortunately, braces and retainers require more frequent check-ups. The bundle of energy is not only privately committed to feminist issues, she is also a guest author for the project "People of Germany - together against discrimination". At the same time, she enhances your smile by improving your teeth alignment. Her treatment focus is invisible retainers, so that your perfect smile is finally visible. We are very happy to be able to see her every day from October onwards!

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